Eskort’s latest campaign is easy to love (and empty plates)

Bacon and sausages may be where Eskort started 107 years ago in the small town of Estcourt (where it still has a factory), but its product line-up has expanded vastly since then. The latest addition includes convenient air fryer-ready products.

To coincide with the arrival of these quick and easy dishes from South Africa’s leading pork manufacturer, Eskort’s latest campaign is encouraging consumers to turn the tables on the social media trend of posting pictures of complex meals that have taken hours to prepare.

“Life is hard enough without adding unrealistic expectations about what a delicious plate of food should look like, when in fact, the true success of a delicious meal should be measured by whether the plate ends up empty,” says Marcelle Pienaar, Marketing Director of Eskort.

Pienaar says Eskort understands the pressures on the consumer today. “Their time, energy, money and resources – it’s a tough time for everybody. That is why we want to be part of the solution by providing them with tasty, convenient and easy-to-prepare products,” she says. “We want consumers to be able to whip up an easy meal that’s so delicious that there’s nothing left on the plate.”

The new air fryer products, which are soon to be available at national retail and Eskort stores, are a perfect fit for consumers with busy lifestyles. The products include:

  • Crumbed Pork Schnitzels with Mature Cheddar Cheese Sauce
  • Sage-infused Pork Sausage with Caramelised Onion Sauce
  • Sticky Asian Pork Belly Cubes with Sweet Soy and Ginger Glaze
  • Mini Frikkadels with Arrabiata Sauce

“We are constantly innovating and forward-planning in line with trends and consumer needs and wants,” says Pienaar. “And with the growing popularity of air fryers, it made complete sense to introduce tailor-made products for this market. It’s all about making Eskort even easier to love, even after a century of delivering quality consumers can trust.”

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