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Absolute Mama Magazine – Issue 15 2023


This issue we are celebrating our oceans and focussing much need attention on saving our seas. Mermaid, mom and ocean conservationist Beth Neale graces our cover and takes us on her underwater journey. We talk about hair loss and hormones and get tongue-tied and twisted about tongue health. We sit down with Helena van der Westhuizen owner of Simply Bee Natural Beeswax Products who gives us insight into business and the world of bees and take an in-depth look at navigating your teen’s mental health and bring you the ultimate guide to navigating the tricky terrain of sex education with your kids. In keeping with our theme, we go sustainable coastal foraging and bring you delicious blue-label seafood recipes. Writer Lauren Manuel shares all the beauty she experienced on her recent travels to enchanting Kenya and we escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary on the Wild Coast at the mesmerising Umngazi Hotel & Spa and so much more in this issue.

Grab your copy or tablet, sit back and enjoy!

Absolute Mama Magazine – Issue 15 2023

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