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If you suffer from gut ailments such as bloating, IBS and diarrhoea, don’t worry. With probiotics at your side, you’ll still be able to enjoy a happy, healthy, stress-free summer. With summer on its and

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President Hotel unveils the Cove Wellness Spa

The iconic President Hotel in Bantry Bay is excited to announce the launch of its new, luxurious wellness spa. The name ‘Cove’ perfectly encapsulates the essence of the spa, situated in the heart of the

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Get the balance back in your relationship

Supporting individual identity to be stronger together Shifts in workplace environments matched with the need to downsize or cut back on personal expenses have led to many couples spending more time at home and in

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Research has proved that a healthy gut is the secret to a healthy life. The good news is that it’s within reach with the help of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. Your health is your

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Trust Your Gut

When you hear the word ‘bacteria’ you may immediately think about disease and infection but there is a whole world full of bacteria that are really good for you and vital to your digestive system

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ADHD medication alone has no impact on learning, study

A study has shown that medication alone has no detectable impact on how much children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) learn in the classroom. The study, a first of its kind, conducted by Florida International University

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Make health and fitness a lifestyle in 2023

A study has shown that engaging in moderate or vigorous exercise two to four times more than the recommended guidelines, significantly reduces the risk of early death and cardiovascular disease. The large-scale study published in

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What to expect in the world of wellness in 2023

Before the pandemic, the world of wellness was largely focused on physical health, mainly exercising and healthy eating. Today, the view on wellness now has changed. The pandemic forced society to redefine what it meant