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Seventy-One Percent NOW available

Enjoy the beauty of nature while still taking care of your skin with Seventy-One Percent. Seventy-One Percent is a French brand created by two surfer friends in 2010. Created by Surfers, chosen by Nature Lovers.

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During the extraordinary process of creating and nurturing a new life, a woman’s body and skin may experience various effects of the endocrinological, immunological, metabolic, and vascular changes. Hormones play a particularly significant role in

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Introducing the NEW Forteve range by Lamelle Pharmaceuticals

The only skin barrier repair solution with a patented pseudo-ceramide that mimics a healthy epidermal bi-layer. Whether you suffer from an impaired barrier skin condition such as atopic dermatitis or struggle with dry, sensitive skin

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The biggest skincare trends to watch out for in 2023

Consumers are becoming more conscious and starting to prioritise self-care, with skincare being a top concern. What’s going into the products, how the products are being sourced, and the long-term results are all top-of-mind when

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Ready, set, rejuvenate!

There’s a reason why skincare professionals harp on about summer skincare – and it’s not just about the weather. “Yes, the heat is a factor, but we also must acknowledge the late nights, over consumption

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Exuviance Blemish-Prone Rescue Protocol

This detoxifying ritual from Exuviance is ideal for acne/blemish-prone skin as well as any skin type in need of enhanced clarity and refined pores. This suggested protocol from Exuviance combines powerful exfoliators with clay detoxifying agents to absorb oil